Hello Food Blogging World!


Welcome to my new food blog! I’m very excited to get started sharing my love for food and cooking with the rest of the world. Here are a few things you can expect from my posts:

1. Cooking for One: I cook for myself most days of the week. Yes, cooking for one requires critical thinking and creativity, but it can totally be done. I don’t agree that “cooking for one is hard to do” because I do it all the time. I do believe that grocery stores and recipes are not inherently conducive to single cooking, but I refuse to let that dictate how I approach food. So I’ll share how I manage cooking for little ol’ me so you can do the same.

2. Cooking for The Gang: I LOVE to entertain and cook for others. I get it from my dad…he and I would both feed the world if we could find a big enough table – to steal a phrase from my wicked step-mother. (She’s not really wicked at all.) It makes me happy to have folks over to my apartment to try a new recipe or participate in a potluck. I don’t think I’ve ever had a social gathering that didn’t involve food in some form or fashion. So I’ll talk about my go-to entertaining recipes as well as my forays into new recipes. I’m lucky my friends are so willing to serve as my guinea pigs.

3. Healthy Cooking: I’ve recently been reading about the food industry lately. The food industry is NOT our friend. Nearly every food out there is built on sugar, fat, and salt – usually in ridiculously high quantities. So I’m interested in exploring how I can reduce the content of one or more of those building blocks and still producing really good food.

4. General Tips: I’ll share tips to cut corners, make things easier, what gadgets or spices I like, and anything else I think of that someone might benefit from knowing.

It’s going to be a grand adventure so I hope you’ll join me for the ride! Let’s go!


2 Responses

  1. What fun Karen! Sounds simple enough even I can make it!

  2. Karen! I think it is so cool that you are doing this. Maybe I will even give one of your recipes a try, but you know how cooking stresses me out! Cheers to taking on such a fun endeavor.

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